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ConsultoraBK® Partner Scrum@Scale

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Welcome to the new website of ConsultoraBK®

Why did we change the site after so many years?

Because in the past few years we have learned a lot. The main point is that each company has its own rhythm, and that only those who are immersed in their particular culture know their times and ways.

So we continue to promote the essential change of mindset that Agile implies, but we adapt it to the style of each organization.

We continue asking them to empower themselves but understanding that different cultures have different timing and that it is not possible to hurry, that is necessary to adapt to the new times but without losing the essence of their own culture.

And what changed in the last couple of years?

We have been coaching and mentoring, helping many teams do the Agile transformation from some of the largest banks in Argentina. And we came to conclusions that we would like to share with the entire community.

First, when the Scrum framework is 100% implemented, it always works well, in all cases, from developing digital products to selling...

In addition, the support to the team members is essential: If they are not happy and proud of what they are doing, even if they meet the goal of doing more and better in less time and with less effort, they will be unsatisfied, so they will not be able to scale Scrum to coordinate multiple teams.

Who we work with

ConsultoraBK® specializes in multinational companies: financial entities as HSBC, ICBC, BAPRO, etc.; digital product development companies as Progress Corp, Inworx, Applied Logic, and logistics as Brenntag Corp. But it also provides services to companies from other industries that pose a real challenge.

As founders of ConsultoraBK® we are proud of providing services to large corporations for more than a decade, and simultaneously teaching what we do in prestigious universities worldwide.

How we work

Promoting a MVB (Minimum Viable Bureaucracy) reducing costs, risks and time


· With distributed teams in multiple countries.
· Promoting Remote-working and encouraging Home-working.
· With professionals who have known each other for years and who like to work as a team.
· On the clients’ servers, according to their security policies and our guarantee.
· Implementing techniques for continuous improvement.
· Encouraging Generalized Specialists (T-Shape).
· Implementing 100% Scrum framework.


· Promoting a dynamic network of motivated and empowered fractal teams.
· Replacing static processes with fast decision-making and learning cycles.
· Studying real cases to train leaders who promote the Agile transformation.
· Implementing Agile tracking techniques to improve organizational agility by balancing Speed ​​and Stability.
· Using Metrics of Agility, Happiness and Creativity.
· Implementing Scrum@Scale framework so that the company succeeds in its transformation.

Advantages of working with ConsultoraBK®

ConsultoraBK® Partner Scrum@Scale

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