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ConsultoraBK® Partner Scrum@Scale

What we do

ConsultoraBK® is a small company organized internally in Scrum teams. From Consultora BK® we provide services to the world from both riverside of the Río de la Plata, Uruguay and Argentina, since 2003.

ConsultoraBK® has two lines of services:


ConsultoraBK® provides training, and then continue with face-to-face coaching and mentoring as well as remote support for as long as they need to have their own professionals trained as internal coaches to complete the transformation.


ConsultoraBK® gives training and provides Scrum teams or specialists to develop digital products, working offshore with a client’s Product Owner. This service is provided by professionals experts, based in South America, trained to work in distributed teams using Scrum. (Developers, DBAs and Sysadmins).

Although we adapt to the company's culture, its focus and previous experience with Scrum, we usually start by offering short training courses and then we coach and mentor (both in person and remotely) for as long as you need to have your own internal coaches to complete the transformation.

For that, we accompany you to the events while we also give you tips to start making the change of mindset, which is necessary to really implement Scrum, get its benefits and avoid falling into a "Scrum but" implementation.

If you already have experience in Scrum, we first, evaluate the status of the Scrum teams and begin by correcting the deviations, if there are any, to develop the reference pattern to help you scale.

In Spanish-speaking countries, the initial intention is not usually to make a total transformation of the company but to make innovative digital products or to streamline certain areas with difficulties.

In Spanish-speaking countries, the initial intention is not usually the total transformation of the company, but to make innovative digital products or to improve certain department.

So the challenge is double, having to work in a company with a multimodal methodological approach, in which different departments or even the same project use different methodologies.

So based on the success of these first projects, we have champions that help spreading the enthusiasm of Agile to others.

We also are there for our clients, if they face new challenges or want to boost Agile in new departments or challenging projects.

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